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India’s most Experienced Political Strategy Organization with over 1000 Individual Assignments


Political parties are aware of the dynamism of their voters and their mindset. And as a politically enthusiastic organisation, we methodically plan the best strategies, conceptualise ground-breaking campaigns, work on crafting and delivering the best messages, and engage with the voters and influence them to take action.


We support introducing total transparency and accountability into the political system, which strengthens democracy’s vitality, sturdiness, participatory nature, and representativeness. Political Edge, a top and most experienced political consultancy in India, plans to develop customised strategic plans for an individual party that goes beyond traditional political strategies and media management to address contemporary issues that have arisen due to increased competition. We focus on the many different aspects of elections and their management, which ultimately greatly impact voters’ minds and change them into prospective supporters of ours by altering their perception.

Our Milestones

India’s most experienced

Political Strategy Organization

PoliticalEDGE has worked on over 1000 individual assignments and has cumulatively covered almost 50% of booths across the country.


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What we do

360 Degree Marketing

Campaign Strategy

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Communicating with the voters through a streamlined social media strategy and proper management of messages, feedback, comments, etc​

Interacting with voters at the local level in order to gather relevant data through Booth Level Research, Opinion Polls etc.

Drawing voters through web-based networking sites in addition to other strategies including electronic media and door-to-door survey methods.

Gathering and analysing data, to administer political advertising which includes both demographic information and several advertising formats

An impartial, unbiased opinion poll would be a crucial instrument for assessing the mood of your people and making unbiased judgements for the elections.

Gathering crucial statistical information about voters and determining why they support a particular party and delivering a normalized analytical report

Practising all the political festivals, applying to every exercise in front of the public, and planning the process and strategies for upcoming events.

Manage the leaders’ election campaigns in one of the best ways and organise a support team of experts to help you run your political e-campaign.

Establishing a leader’s true image, beliefs, vision and aspirations for the development and growth of the constituency and constituents

Digital media campaigning has a wide range of positive qualities and facets and can reach a larger population easily.

Tailor the material for each voter based on their browsing history, interests, and patterns of content consumption, social media networks use AI and algorithms

Research conducted at the booth level can assist the parties in comprehending demography, the voting patterns of the electorate, and more

Our Specialization

We focus on establishing a series of political courses of action that break the ice and strengthen the connection between candidates and the general public by entering deeper levels of strategy. In light of the shifting environment, our primary goal is to continuously fine-tune the campaigns and strategies. The agenda is to customize a political campaign which ensures that the party workers are in sync with the central campaign, are well-equipped, have coordination among them and serve the individual leaders in the best way possible.

Why Choose Us?

The political future of our

client is paramount for us.

At PoliticalEDGE, strategic expertise meets political prowess. As apex partners in the field of political consultancy, we specialize in providing tailored solutions to navigate the complex landscape of politics. Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and campaigns to achieve their goals through informed decision-making, targeted messaging, and effective advocacy.


– Meticulous planning is essential; our strategists develop foretelling strategies, guiding clients along every step.
– Achieving campaign success requires innovation, organization, and voter understanding; our expertise ensures optimal performance.
– Our experts craft persuasive messages aligned with diverse audiences, amplifying engagement and support.
– We excel in public relations, aiding effective communication, crisis navigation, and advocacy to our clients.
– In the Digital Era, data-driven insights are vital. PoliticalEDGE utilizes analytics for a competitive advantage.