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As India’s Most Experienced Political Strategy Organization, PoliticalEDGE provides Data-driven consulting for people centered campaigns. We work with leaders,  political parties and causes to change people’s minds and move them in the desired direction. With PoliticalEDGE, Shape your political future today!

About Us

Served 1800+ assemblies

over the course of 15+ years

PoliticalEDGE is a full – service political campaign consulting firm providing an integrated basket of services to help political leaders win on Election Day. Over the last 16 years, we have helped 1100+ individuals across all states in India win tough referendums.


Targeted Communication, Systematic Activation and Planned Movement of Leaders are the three pillars on which Team PoliticalEDGE focuses throughout any campaign. What began in 2006 as a journey to improve the leader’s understanding of a constituency has now evolved into an organisation that assists the leader in understanding each voter!


Our clients are extremely diverse, ranging from aspirants for a Municipal Corporation Seat to aspirants for the position of State Chief Minister. We are a party – neutral organization that takes on mandates ranging from 1 month to 5 years. PoliticalEDGE actually works from the Panchayat to the Parliament!

What we do

360o Marketing Campaign Strategy

Primarily, the data we gather within a geographical area is analyzed & used for building voter and worker outreach strategies. Taking into consideration the current position, a detailed SWOT analysis of the candidate, their opponents, all parties in the fray and the target voter at large, Customized Campaigns built by domain experts at PoliticalEDGE. 

  • Household Surveys
  • Booth Level Opinion Polls
  • Observer Reports
  • Qualitative Research
  • 21 Day Field Inputs War Room
  • Voter Data Analysis & Segmentation
  • Electoral Data Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics 
  • Media Analytics 
  • Worker Engagement Analytics 
  • End-To-End AV Services 
  • Masked Campaigns
  • OOH Media 
  • Boutique Events
  • Call Center Services
  • 360° Social Media
  • Whatsapp Network Development  
  • Chat Bots / Surveys 
  • Influencer Management
  • Digital Support Build-up
  • Web Development
  • Party Worker Training
  • Cohort Engagements   
  • Door-To-Door Campaigns
  • GOTV Campaign
  • Perception Management
  • Media Handling 
  • Advertising – Print and TV 
  • Audit and Analytics

Let’s join hands and win it together!


Our Milestones

India’s most experienced

Political Strategy Organization

PoliticalEDGE has worked on over 1000 individual assignments and has cumulatively covered almost 50% of booths across the country.


Polling Booths




Worked in


Years of Political
Consulting Experience

Why Choose Us?

The political future of our

client is paramount for us.

We are the apex partners in the field of politics consultancy. Having worked with multiple congress mandates across the country, the methodology and strategies of our founder and core team are driven by being aligned with the Congress ideology. We examine political trends using the most up-to-date methods, give the greatest platform for developing a brand leadership image, and equip them with the methodology to maintain it.


– Efficiently operated micro as well as macro campaigns for our political clients

– A comprehensive examination of compiled data

– Streamlining the process of managing records and database

– Providing complete tech assistance

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