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Saurabh Vyas (Political Edge)

Saurabh Vyas


Saurabh Vyas (Political Edge)

After completing his Dual Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Bombay, Saurabh worked with one of the leading analytics firms of the country. He is extremely good at handling data and its analysis. His Analytical capabilities backed by 16 years of experience working with  political leaders help  him come up with result-oriented, innovative, and ever-improving research models.

Gaurav Rathore

Co-Founder & Director

Gaurav Rathore (Political Edge)

Gaurav has done his B.Tech. from IIT Bombay,and he then went on to work with Deloitte Consulting in their Siebel CRM Consulting practice for close to 2 years. He translated the CRM concept into Indian political terms, which led to the development of e-VAL He has 16 years of experience in political research and developing technical products for political leaders and organizations. These products play a key role in engaging voters, workers as well as volunteers associated with parties and leaders.

Gaurav Rathore (Political Edge)
Dhaval Vasavada (Political Edge)

Dhawal Vasavada

Co – Founder & Director

Dhaval Vasavada (Political Edge)

Dhawal has done his B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and then immediately after graduation joined PoliticalEDGE. Having handled projects primarily in western India, over the last 10 years, Dhawal has been instrumental in building a strong mainstream media, digital media and audio – visual communication practice within PoliticalEDGE. This practice is being implemented by individual leaders and parties for their branding and outreach. He has been keenly involved in creating continuous engagement models for leaders and parties with their voters both when in power and in opposition.